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Cabana Weekend Prices

Cabana reservations are priced based on a 2 hour minimum stay on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday and will vary per party size. The price of the cabana rental is used towards your final groups minimum tab. There is no additional fee for the cabana. The only requirement is that your groups tab minimum must be met in the allotted time. Any additional hour you would like to extend your party will be an added $75 to your final payment. 

There will be a 18% gratuity added automatically. 

Cabanas #1-7 seats up to 10 for a $200 minimum

Cabana #8 seats up to 16 for a $320 minimum 

Cabana #9-10 seats up to 12 for a $240 minimum

Example: Cabanas #1-7 for 4 hours would be $350 tab minimum; Cabana #8 for 3 hours would be $395 tab minimum; Cabana #9-10 for 2 hours would be $240 tab minimum.

If you would like to reserve a Cabana please call (407) 868- 3666 or email